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Canada Canada Genuin HP-A0652R3B SADP-65KB D Power adapter for Gateway MD2614u MD7820u MS2285 MS2273 NV53 NV78 Click to enlarge
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New Canada Genuin HP-A0652R3B SADP-65KB D Power adapter for Gateway MD2614u MD7820u MS2285 MS2273 NV53 NV78

  • InPut):100-240V~1.5A 50-60Hz
  • Adapter Output Voltage: 19V
  • Adapter Output Current: 3.42A
  • Adapter Power: 65W
  • Adapter Plug Size: 5.5x1.7mm
  • Adapter tip note: acer tip
  • Weight( Adapter only ) :208g
  • Dimension( L x W x H ):95.00 x 50.10 x 25.70mm
  • Original / Genuine : Yes
  • Package Inc.
     1 x AC Adapter
     1 x Canada Power Cord
  • In Stock
  • Original price: CAD$ 63.82
  • Local Price: CAD$ 36.38 ( Updated: Mar 2017 )
  • You Save: CAD$ 27.44

(Shipping Cost CAD$7.98 / order, 4~9 Days In Canada)

* Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.
  • This Laptop AC Adapter Description:

 Canada discount for Canada Genuin HP-A0652R3B SADP-65KB D Power adapter for Gateway MD2614u MD7820u MS2285 MS2273 NV53 NV78

This AC Adapter Compatible Flollow Mainbody Numbers:

Difference between acer adapter tip 5.5*1.7mm and 5.5*2.5mm
Difference of acer adapter tip 5.5*1.7mm and 5.5*2.5mm

Fit Machine Model:

    ACER: ASPIRE E1-522-5460, ASPIRE E1-522-3442, ASPIRE E1-531-2686,

    ACER FERRARI SERIES: FR1100, , 3000, 3200, 4000, 5000,

    ASPIRE SERIES: 2920, , 5530, 3003WCI, 3603XCI, 2930, 5535, 3003WLCI, 3608NWXCI, 3050, 5570, 1680, 3608WXCI, 3100, 5570Z, 1681LCI, 3608WXMI, 3030, 5580, 1681WLCI, 3620, 5710, 1681WLMI, 3610, 5710Z, 1683WLMI, 3650, 5715Z, 1684WLMI, 3660, 5720, 1685WLMI, 3670, 5730Z, 5000, 3680, 5735, 5002LMI, 4220, 5735Z, 5002WLMI, 4230, 5920G, 5004WLMI, 4310, 5930, 1410, 4320, 6530, 1414WLCI, 4330, 6920, 1640, 4520, 7100, 1642WLMI, 4530, 7230, 1690, 4710, 7330, AS1690LCI, 4710Z, 7530, AS1690WLCI, 4720, 7530G, AS1690WLMI, 4730Z, 7730, AS1691WLCI, 4920, 7730Z, AS1691WLMI, 4930, 9100, AS1692WLMI, 5050, 9400, AS1694WLMI, 5100, 1300, 3600, 1200, 5230, 1350, 3603WXCI, 1650, 5235, 1360, 3603WXMI, 2000, 5310, 3000, 3602NWXM, 2010, 5315, 3002LCI, 603WXCI, 2020, 5330, 3002WLCI, 3603NWXM, 2420, 5520, 3002WLMI, 3603NWXMI,

    EXTENSA SERIES: 4120, , 4220, 4620, 5220, 5620, 5630, 7220, 7620,

    TRAVELMATE SERIES: 371TCI XP, , 4150, 730TXV, 533XV, 2312LCI, 801LCI, 614, 4500, 653XC, 213, 261XV, 291LMI, 340T, 371TI, 4220, 732TLV, 533XVI, 3000, 801LCIB, 610TXC, 4501WLMI, 653XCI, 213T, 270, 291LMI-G, 341TV, 371TMI, 4310, 732TX, 534LC, 3002WTCI, 801LMI, 610TXV, 4100, 653XV, 213TX, 272, 291XCI, 342T, 5XX, 4320, 732TXV, 534LCI, 3210, 801LMIB, 610TXVI, 4100LCI, 654LC, 213TXV, 273, 291XCIH, 343TV, 512DX, 4330, 734TL, 534TL, 3213WXCI, 801XC, 611TXC, 4100LMI, 654LCI, 220, 275 SERIES, 292LC, 345, 512T, 4520, 734TXV, 534XC, 3213WXMI, 801XCI, 611TXCI, 6000, 654XC, 222, 270XV, 292LCI, 347 SERIES, 512TE, 4720, 735TLV, 534XCI, 2300, 801XVI, 611TXV, 6003LMI, 654XCI, 223, 272LC, 292LM, 345T, 512T-64, 4730, 736, 534XV, 2301LC, 802LCI, 612TXC, 8000, 654XV, 225, 272X, 292LMI, 347T SERIES, 513DX, 5100, 737, 535LC, 2301LCI, 802LCIB, 612TXCI, 8002LCI, 655LCI, 222X, 272XV, 293LCI, 350, 513T, 5210, 738, 535LCI, 2301WLCI, 802LMI, 612TXV, 8003LMI, 660LCI, 223X, 272XVI, 293LMI, 351, 514T, 5220, 739 SERIES, 536LCI TRAVELMATE 540 SERIES, 2301XC, 802LMIB, 613TXC, 8006LMI, 660LMI, 223XC, 273X, 3XX, 352, 514TXV, 5230, 736TL, 540LCI, 2303LC, 802XCI, 613TXV, 8100, 661LC, 223XV, 273XV, 310, 353, 515TE, 5310, 736TLV, 540LMI, 2303LCI, 803LC, 614TXVCI, 8104WLMI, 661LCI, 225X, 275LC, 311, 354 SERIES, 516TE, 5320, 737TLV, 541LC, 2303WLCI, 803LCI, 620, ZF1, 661LM, 225XC, 280, 312, 350TE, 517TE, 5510, 738TLV, 541LCI, 2304LCI, 803LCIB, 621, 2XX, 661LMI, 225XV, 281, 313, 350TE-N, 53X, 5520, 739GTLV, 541LCIB, 2304WLCI, 803LM, 623 SERIES, 200DX, 661XC, 230, 283, 314 SERIES, 351TE, 720, 530LC, 5530, 739TLV, 541LMI, ZL1, 803LMI, 621LV, 200T, 661XCI, 233, 281XC, 310T, 351TEV, 2350, 722, 530LCI, 5600, 740, 541XCI, 3220, 803LMIB, 621XC, 201, 661XVI, 234 SERIES, 281XV, 311T, 352TE, 2400, 723 SERIES, 530XC, 5710, 741, 541XV, 3220WXCI, 803XCI, 621XV, 201T, 662LC, 230XC, 283LC, 312T, 353TE, 2410, 720TX, 530XCI, 5720, 744 SERIES, 542LCI, 3220WXMI, 803XVI, 623LC, 202, 662LCI, 230XV, 283LCI, 313T, 353TEV, 2450, 720TXV, 530XV, 5730, 740LVF, 542LMI, 3222WXCI, 804LC, 623LCI, 202T, 662LM, 230XV-PRO, 283XV, 314T, 354TE, 2460, 721TX, 530XVI, 6231, 741LVF, 543LCI, 3222WXMI, 804LCI, 630, 210 SERIES, 662LMI, 233LC, 283XVI, 320 SERIES, 354TEV, 2470, 722ITX, 531LC, 6291, 744LCF, 543LMI, 4000, 804LCIB, 632, 210, 662XCI, 233X, 290, 330, 360, 2480, 722ITXV, 531LCI, 6292, 80X-SERIES, 6XX-SERIES, 4000LCI, 804LM, 633 SERIES, 210T, 663LCI, 233XV, 290LC, 332, 361, 3230, 722TX, 531XC, 6492, 800LC, 600, 4000WLCI, 804LMI, 630XV, 210TER, 663LM, 233XVI, 290LCI, 333 SERIES, 364 SERIES, 3030, 723TX, 531XCI, 6592, 800LCI, 602, 4001LCI, 804LMIB, 630XCI, 210TXF, 663LMI, 234LCI, 290LMI, 330T, 361EVI, 3040, 723TXV, 531XV, 7230, 800LCIB, 603, 4001WLCI, 632XCI, 211, 7XX-SERIES, 260, 290XCI, 332T, 364ECI SERIES, 3250, 730, 531XVI, 7320, 800LMI, 604, 4001WLMI, 633LCI SERIES 650LC, 211T, 261 SERIES, 290XI, 333T, 365 SERIES, 3260, 732, 533LC, 7530, 800LMIB, 610, 4002WLMI, 650XC, 212, 261XC, 290XMI, 340, 370 SERIES, 3270, 734, 533LCI, 7720, 800XC, 611, 4020, 650XCI, 212T, 261XV SERIES, 290XVI, 341, 371LCI, 3300, 735 SERIES, 533XC, 7730, 800XCI, 612, 4050, 653LC, 212TE, 261SERIES, 291LCI, 342, 371LMI, 371TCI, 4060, 730TX, 533XCI, 2310, 801LC, 613, 4052LCI, 653LCI, 212TXV, 261X, 291LCI-G, 343 SERIES,
    GATEWAY: NV54, MD2614U, MD7820U, MS2285, MS2273, MS2274, NV53, NV78, LT2802U, MC7310U, NV52, NV5213U, NV5214U, NV5302U.

    Canada Genuin HP-A0652R3B SADP-65KB D Power adapter for Gateway MD2614u MD7820u MS2285 MS2273 NV53 NV78

    Canada Genuin HP-A0652R3B SADP-65KB D Power adapter for Gateway MD2614u MD7820u MS2285 MS2273 NV53 NV78Today Canada Local Price: CAD$ 36.38

    (Shipping Cost CAD$7.98 / Order, 4~9 Days in Canada)

    ACER Replacement Laptop Batteries, Notebook Batteries

What should i do before i add this Canada Genuin HP-A0652R3B SADP-65KB D Power adapter for Gateway MD2614u MD7820u MS2285 MS2273 NV53 NV78 to shopping cart?

  • Make sure your original ac adapter out put is 19V 3.42A Or the input of your laptop is 19V 3.42A;
  • Make sure your original ac adapter tip is 100% the same as ours;
Why should we choose an original ac adapter?
  • Genunie laptop ac adapter have short circuit protection which is very inportant for safe.
  • Genunie laptop ac adapter have Overheat protection circuit which is very inportant for safe also.
  • Genunie laptop ac adapter have very clean out put, that can protect your laptop cpu, hard disk,video card and all the device.
  • Genunie laptop ac adapter have a very good heat dispersion, that's means it is very safe when you use it for a long time.
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Canada Genuin HP-A0652R3B SADP-65KB D Power adapter for Gateway MD2614u MD7820u MS2285 MS2273 NV53 NV78

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